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About  PurrPlatinum  Silver  Persians

Only the finest

Silver Persians ! is dedicated to preserving the PURE Silver Persian Lines.  We only breed Persians, no other cat breeds, focusing on bloodlines without crossing these lines to the Himalayans or any other of the Persian Divisions other then The Silver Persian Divisions.  

We have carefully selected our breeding program - sires and dams by researching the pedigrees and examining each individual sire and dam. Additionally, choosing which dam and sire to breed together is of utmost important to PurrPlatinum

It is our goal to maintain the purity of the Silvers within the CFA Registry's Silver Persian Division.   Therefore, we breed; Silvers, Silver Shaded, Silver Chinchillas, Goldens, Golden Shaded and Golden Chinchillas 


Each time we breed we examine the past litters, current sires and dams crosses and select upcoming stars to produce and improve our lines   


It is our objective to bring positive experience to our buyers.  

We stick to "Our Policies" to insure the best care and choice of "Pet Homes" for each of our kittens!   If you are seeking a Silver Persian above the ordinary, possessing a doll face appearance with the beautiful black eyeliner and black liner around the nose, together with expressive large and correctly spaced eyes . . . look no further!   


We are passionate about what we do and welcome individuals with cheerful attitudes that can provide loving homes for the lifetime of the kitten they choose    


Why a PurrPlatinum Persian?

*   CFA Registered Persians

*   PKD DNA Tested Sire/Dam Breeders

*   Top Silver Persian Bloodlines in the World

*   Small Cattery located in North Texas

*   Speciaizing in Silver Persians - including Goldens

*   Offering White - blue eyed Persians 2016

*   2016 -  Silver & Golden Persian kittens available

*   Top "Pet" Persian U.S.A Breeder

*   CFA Registered Cattery






“ Dedicated to preserving the purity of the Silver Persian and all it's characteristics,

striving to breed healthy, playful, gorgeous, socialized, non caged Persian kittens "



" Pleasant experiences that will be memorable for years to come !  

Choose a PurrPlatinum Silver Persian to cherish  !  "




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