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Our Kittens . . . 

Specializing in Silver Chinchilla Doll Face Persians
Want a kitten like this ?
Reserve a kitten TODAY !
CFA Silver, Silver Chinchilla
Persian Kittens now Available!
PurrPlatinum Cattery is dedicated to breeding the best Silver and Golden Persians Internationally
with highly selected pedigrees, choosing top breeding individuals, and carefully crossing to produce
healthy, balanced, CFA Registered Persian kittens for sale  
If you want an exceptional look to your next Persian  .  .  .   Contact Us today 
All Silver and Golden Persians featured at are 100% current Persians   
We welcome your inquiries  
Our sister site has extra small, healthy Persian kittens for sale
Warrantee for FIV, FeLV, PKD and Ringworm
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