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F A Q 

Please summarize what PurrPlatinum offers:

Greetings ! 

My name is Deborah and welcome you visiting PurrPlatinum Cattery site

We are a CFA Registered Cattery in North Texas, USA

We bred longhair Persian cats specializing in the Silver Chinchilla color and pattern  

The “Chinchilla” possesses lovely, silky coats with a pristine white color softly and evenly mist of Silver accents

Some Silver Chinchillas appear white, however, they are not called whites, they are lovely “Chinchillas” 

These Chinchillas are known for their fabulous coat textures often being very similar to a mink coat

Additionally possessing extra large eyes that are an brilliant emerald green to a turquoise color outlined with

a black rim outliner around the eyes, nose and mouth

Within in this CFA Silver Division of the Persian cat breed, several other colors and patterns are produced

These colors range from Silver, Shaded Silver, Silver Chinchilla, Golden, Shaded Golden,

Golden Chinchilla, Blue, Blue Golden, Smoke and rare Blacks 

The Persian is a gorgeous feline that is loving, relaxed by nature, playful, royal, intelligent

and adore company of humans and other pets

Here at PurrPlatinum it is our goal to breed the finest CFA registered Silver Chinchilla Persian cats that meet

the highly respected breed standards set forth by the finest Cat Fanciers’ Registry; The Cat Fanciers’ Association of America (CFA)

We welcome your inquiries and will work diligently to pursue our dream to breed the finest show, breeder and pet Silver Persians 

Please contact us via our form, instead of a quick text with no name or location   

We enjoy visiting with you, however, will await your request via our form   

Thank you kindly !   Have a wonderful day and viewing our beloved Silver Persian cats 

PurrPlatinum Persian Cattery USA    Deborah



Availability of Kittens ?

Our kittens are reserved in advance.  Contact us for availability 


Reserving a Kitten ?

Contact us by phone, ask questions.  If you still would like a Persian kitten, fill out the form and we can discuss your expections before you put a deposit down


Price of a Kitten ?

$2,000,  $2,500,  $3,000, $3,500    $500 non refundable deposit 


Sales Agreement ?

Ready to purchase a kitten?  Please review our sales agreement before you put a deposit down


Non Refundable Deposits ?

Your deposit to reserve a kitten is applied to the total price of the kitten  

Please be sure you want a kitten before you take a place of another buyers position.  We breed based on demand 

You asking for a kitten we are increasing a litter to meet your reservation

All deposits are non refundable 

Waiting for a kitten does not constitute non delivery of a kitten - sometimes there is no waiting


Best way to contact ?  972 800-9831 (identify yourself please; name, where you saw us and your message)  Thank you


Shipping Details ?

1.  Pick up the kitten with prior arrangements

2.  Request to be shipped via Airline at buyers expense.  Carrier and blanket included with the airline ticket 

Shipping carry on based on location U.S. major Airports  

May apply to other locations based on airfare changes and the economy


Do you breed other Persians other then Silvers ?

We specialize in Silver Persians; Silver, Silver Shaded, Silver Chinchilla, Golden, Golden Chinchilla 

We breed white, black, and red mackerel tabby Persians with blue eyes and occasionally Smoke Persians  


What sizes are your Persians ?

Silver Persians are typically very small.  Call for individual weights on the Persian you are considering

Some breeders call small Silver Persians toy, teacup, tiny or mini Persian kittens  -

Or kittens are all sizes and will be more than happy to weigh a kitten or Persian you are purchasing 


Purchasing a Pet kitten Questions ?

We sell Pet Silver Persians.  We currently have a few catteries we have working relationships with and we occasionally sell breeders 

If you would like a pet Persian that is absolutely gorgeous, class A home care, non caged and CFA registered, please call us today !


Neutering and Spaying a Kitten ?

Our Persians are sold as "Pets" and are to be spayed or neutered at buyers expense before a kitten is released   

Spaying and neutering done at our Vet in Allen, Texas in the mornings and buyer can pick the kitten up the same day in the afternoon  The Vet bill is paid that morning before the surgery 

If a buyer prefers to use their Vet, that is arranged by buyer asking for details on this arrangement 


Do you ship to my location ?

Let us know your location and we will be glad to evaluate at that time, the Airline Shipping cost  

Airline carrier included, kitty blanket included with the airline ticket  


What age is a kitten released ?

Typically 8 to 12 weeks, sometimes adult and retired Persians are offered for sale


How to take care of a Persian ?

See our cat supplies and recommendations, such as Anna Feline products such as Eye/Face Wash, Breeze Litter system, NuVet Vitamins, and Life's Abundance all natural Cat Food, Cat Treats and Cat Food Supplements for the fussy eaters


Declawing Cats ?

PurrPlatinum kittens are sold as non declawed "pet" Persians, and it is part of the sales agreement 

We recommend a scratching post in the areas you will have your kitten frequent   

Persians are sold as an indoor cat and non caged    

Thank you for your understanding


How long do I have to wait to receive a kitten ?

Sometimes no wait, sometimes a wait.   Some buyers have reserved for a year, but it is worth the wait 


Purchasing a Pet kitten Questions ?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  Are you a cattery?  Please do not ask to tour our home   

We only sell pet Persians and do not offer tours  

We are a small in-home Cattery 

Our cats are protected from outside exposure to insure healthy Persians  


What color of Persians do you offer ?

We sell Pure (PURR Silvers) Silver Persians   

CFA's Silver Division includes;   Silver, Silver Shaded, Silver Chinchilla, Golden, Golden Chinchilla and Golden Shaded Persians   

Our focus is specializing in only the CFA Silver Division  


PurrPlatinum may occasionally up-date their policies with or without notice.  

All photos are copyrighted by and any reproduction in part or whole, transferring electronically or any use of these images/art/renderings is prohibited and is violating the U.S. Copyright Laws.  








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